Monday, September 8, 2008


Lets start off with brief countdown to all the exciting events that are coming up in the next couple months:
4 days till Monk and Psych Season Finales (sad face)
8 days till House season Premiere
17 days till Grey's Anatomy and The Office Season Premiere
**I could name a couple more shows but i'll stop here for fear of anyone thinking i'm a TV junkie...which i am not! (only sometimes)
50 something days until Heather, Eric, Ethan and Kailey come to visit!
52 days till dad comes and 53 days till CAMPING/FISHING trip with Uncle Jon
60 days till Geology 102 is over
62 days till SCUBA class starts
70 days till the big 21
74 days till Halloween
106 days till i come home for Turkey Day

This weekend was packed full of fun. Saturday morning i arose at 5:45AM and drove to Spanish Fork to run a HALF MARATHON!!! I had registered for it at the beginning of the summer when i'd actually been sort of training and running a lot more, and then slowly lots of running turned into some running which in the past month or so has turned into no running. So needless to say, i was a little nervous to run it for fear i'd pass out after 3 miles. BUt...I MADE IT! and i ran it in 1 hour 53 minutes and something or other seconds which is about an 8:45 mile pace. I was pretty dang proud of myself.

After the race, like immediately following it, i raced back to my car because i had to meet some friends back in Provo to go floating down the Provo river with them. That was more tiring then running the race was. And finally to top off my saturday i went and saw The Dark Knight...for the first time..finally! It was so good! By the end i was SO tired though and collasped into bed at Caitlin and Hannah's apartment around 11.

The next day we had Regional Conference, it was okay. Elder Holland spoke for the CES fireside that night though and it was AMAZING. I would highly recommend anyone who didn't get a chance to see it, to find it and watch it. Sunday was a good day, i got to hear 3 General Authorities speak! Definitely a highlight!


charlotte said...

You are too a TV junkie.

eric n said...

Brooke, I feel so special that we made the countdown. Congrats on the half marathon--you are a beast!!

Namlot said...

I don't feel special because we did not get called out. By the way did you watch Bones? You can add it to your list.