Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A best friend i'd rather not have

So i'm still a burden on society. Well, maybe not society yet, but still to Heather and Eric because i'm still unemployed. However, just because i'm not good enough for Kohls, Target, Stop and Shop, Best Buy, or any other local business, doesn't mean i still don't know how to make some money while i'm continually waiting for calls back from the previously mentioned places. I put up a babysitting flyer and i got a call to dog sit. Baby's and dogs really aren't all that different, both drool and poop, so i figured, what the heck. Oh man, only later did i come to realize that some people love their dogs more than they might love a baby and that my friends, is the lady i'm dog sitting for. She's a very nice lady. Very easy to get a long with and talk to but VERY VERY much a dog person. Not just any dog person, a wiener dog person. I always thought that it might be fun to have a wiener dog and name it Oscar, until today. She has 2 of them. THeir names are Ricky and Lucy (sound familiar?!?) I don't really know much about dogs, never having had one before, but i feel like taking them out about every 2 hours is a bit much for such little dogs. Their bladders can't hold that much and i know for a fact that they don't eat enough to have to go to the bathroom that often, because she has them on a diet. They also have Coach dog collars and leashes. That's a waste of money if you ask me. After reading this you'd think that i'd been watching these dogs for a week now, but really it's only been half a day. I still have 6 more days to go and i'm already tired of the little rats. The couple left around 2:30 p.m. today for their trip and at approximately 8:30 (what is that? 6 hours later??) i recieve a call from the lady asking how they are doing, and how they are reacting to her and her husband being gone, how they are eating, if they seem sad or not, and so on and so forth. That's a bit much for me. I always thougth that maybe in the future if i married someone who REALLY wanted a dog or maybe if my kids someday asked enough times i'd get them one, but nope, the jury has made it's decision...i will never own a dog. (and that in turn means i will never have to worry about hair on my couch!)


cait. said...

So after some deductive reasoning here, I've come to the conclusion that you're one of those people who after meeting one unpleasent person of a different race (or species) than you then decides you don't like anyone of that race (or species).

Yep. It's just as I thought... you discriminate.

Don't be a hater, Brooke.

charlotte said...

That is pretty much hilarious--I can so picture you dealing with an obsessive dog woman. Good luck with that Brooke--I believe in you.

Andino said...

I love doggies. But not little wiener dogs. You need an outside dog like mine. Cute, fat, and lazy.