Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm Pregnant!!!

Okay, so not really, because we all know that it would have to be by immaculate conception, but i feel it. My body is starting to sympathize with Heather's big pregnant belly. Which i don't understand because usually this sympathy pregnancy deal is awarded to the husband, but i guess since Eric is out of town so much, the burden falls to me. I was in perfect health before i got here and now my back aches, i can't sleep at night, i get food cravings, and some mornings i wake up and i think my belly's getting bigger which is definitley could be because of those food cravings. you think Heather has it bad, let me tell you, I know how she feels. Boy will i be glad when she has this baby. I just hope when she goes into labor i don' t start having sympathy contractions.


charlotte said...


cait. said...

Good thing you bought prego pants.

Andino said...

Um I think I'm pregnant all the time because I get very strange food cravings. My current one is Grilled Cheese and Tuna Sandwich with a snack pack. Mmm!