Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm a Klepto

Hello. My name is Brooke Tolman and i'm a kleptomaniac. There. It's out in the open. I looked up the definition today on wikipedia and it said, someone who steals uncontrollably without realization. Those who know me well and have spent quite a bit of time with me may want to inventory your stuff because i may have taken it. I wouldn't be able to tell you though because i do it subconsciously. I was watching the 3rd season of 24 back when i was in Provo and i opened up my computer today to put a movie in and lo and behold there was the last disk. I stole it from Amy. Not on purpose though, but that is every kleptos excuse. And acouple weeks ago when i was looking through my movies i noticed one that wasn't mine. It was Caitlin's. I kleptoed Akeelah and the Bee from her. No wonder she doesn't want to be my roommate next year. I get it now, everything in life makes sense now that i know i'm a kleptomaniac. I haven't found anything else that isn't mine in my stuff yet, but there's probably more, so if you find something of yours missing, you can blame it on me.


cait. said...

So that's where my dignity went. YOU STOLE IT. Thief.

Hillary said...

I like your blog too!!! Hows it going? What are you up to this summer? BTW I like how we both have creative addresses for our blogs, our names. ha ha. ttyl

charlotte said...