Saturday, April 13, 2013

Middle child syndrome

I've recently gotten some complaints from an unnamed individual that I've written too many posts about my sister Heather and not enough, or any really, about my brothers. It's the type of complaint that would come from a middle child (*cough cough* Lance). So in the spirit of trying to keep everyone happy, this post is hereby dedicated to the one and only Lance Douglas Tolman.

Where to begin, where to begin....
Lance has a way with words. His nicknames for me include The Beebster and Buffet.And he affectionately calls his kids Tea, Moose and Tanker. When talking about my blog with him recently he referred to it as entertaining because it was like reading about a mix between a "homeless man and sasquatch". He also asked if I only write about my sister so often because she lets me borrow her clothes. He said if that's the case, he'd happily let me borrow some of his clothes if he could just be debuted on the blog. I expect one of your shirts in the mail now Lance, I can try wearing it as a dress maybe.

Lance also has a way with photoshop. I don't have much to say on this matter, words can only do so much, so instead I'll just include a few of his masterpieces.

Talk about talent, right people?? For all your photo shop needs, you just give Lance a call and he'll help you out. I am so lucky to have a brother that will put so much time and effort into making me smile (Despite the sarcasm that this post is laced with, that last sentence was a completely honest statement.)

Its not his birthday, it's not even his half-birthday but while I'm on the topic, I suppose I'll write a few nice things about him too. Lance is always good for a laugh, no interaction with him is ever dull and I love it. He's an amazing Dad. He's so involved with his kids and they love him immensely, it's adorable. He probably gets along with them so well because he's really just one big kid himself. He's adventurous, he likes to go new places and try new things (as long as it's not indian food). He's always a step ahead when it comes to ideas for having fun. 

Thankfully my time has run out and I have someplace I need to be now so I no longer have to rack my brain for nice things to say about this dirty rat and his mangy pig feet. :) The moral of this post is if you complain about something enough, eventually someone will do something about it. If you too would love a post about yourself by yours truly, just leave a complaint and i'll see what i can do. Infinite love to you Lance. Stay thirsty my friends.

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