Friday, March 29, 2013

A man that knows what he's talking about

Monday, I decided to go to the library. It's only a few blocks away and it was an absolutely gorgeous day out, so I decided to walk. What made my walk even better was Kat called and chatted with me while I was walking. Because I was on the phone with her I decided to go up a street and walk through a neighborhood where there was less traffic so that I could hear better on the phone. So here I was walking down the sidewalk and I see these two older men coming towards me. They are a bit shabby looking, possibly homeless or possibly just don't like to shower, but i moved over to one side of the sidewalk to let them pass. The first one walked past without even looking at me, the second one though as I was walking past him, grabbed my arm and spun me around. My first thought was, "AHHHHHH!", it creeped me out a bit. I don't love to get grabbed by strange men. He was pretty frail looking though so I figure a quick punch to the gut would render him injured and I could run away really fast if needs be.  My fear quickly diminished though, as he spun me around he looked me straight in the eyes and said, "You are BEAUTIFUL! How did you get to be so gorgeous?!?" I sort of laughed and thanked him politely and tried to walk off, but he just held tight to my arm and over and over again kept asking how I got to be so pretty and talking about what a bright demeanor I had. I finally told him that I didn't know how I got to be so beautiful, that he'd have to ask my parents, they did all the hard work and then proceeded to tell him that I had someplace to be. I mean sure, I love to listen to people tell me how great I am and how gorgeous I am but a girls got things to do. He said Ok but asked if he could have a hug before I left so that some of my light and beauty would rub off on him. The idea of hugging a strange, oddly smelling, mentally not all there old man didn't really appeal to me so I told him that "I didn't love hugs" (which is usually a downright lie because I love hugs, but in his case I was being 100% honest.) but that I'd give him a high five instead. So we high-fived, he stared at me a bit more and then finally let me go. Oh man, it was funny. The whole time this conversation was going on, Kat was laughing at me via phone and the old man's friend kept yelling at him "Earl! cmon, Earl....leave the pretty girl alone!" It took all I had not to laugh in his face. He really was super sweet.  Lets be honest though, despite the fact that this kind old man didn't quite have all his marbles, he at least knows a good thing when he sees one, which is more than I can say for a few of the men in my life.

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