Sunday, March 18, 2012

Which wolf are you feeding?

This quote was one I heard on trail that another guide used as an inspirational one morning and it's stuck with me ever since. The battle between good and evil is no new thing to me. It's something we're taught from the time we were little but I hadn't ever given it much though until I heard this little story. The end is what really strikes me, the part about feeding the wolves. It made me wonder how often I choose to feed the evil wolf over the good wolf. Probably more than I care to admit, but i think often it's an unconscious decision. Think if every time we made a decision a pie chart would show up out of nowhere that showed us the percent "good" this choice was and the percent "evil". Do you think you'd make some different decisions? I know I would. I think for me this mostly applies to things like movies and tv shows, friends sometimes, or ways I use my free time. Maybe this movie only has one bad part, or these friends may be good people but just not good influences for you specifically or things like that. I don't think things like this are inherently evil but when it comes to the "feeding the wolves" analogy I think if we're not definitely feeding the good wolf than we're probably feeding the bad one. Too often I think we think there's a gray area, like maybe we this isn't feeding either wolf, but when you think about it whatever decision your making usually leans more to one side than the other and if your having to make up excuses as to why its ok than its probably not the best decision to be made. It sounds stupid maybe but lately when I make decisions I've been trying to be consciously aware of which wolf I'm feeding. i thought it was a good quote...I wanted to share. Have a great week!

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