Monday, March 12, 2012

These are my people

So a little while back, like last summer I think it was, Kat and I took a roadtrip down to Moab to camp and do some hiking and what not. We stopped in the actual city of Moab and I saw all these outdoor enthusiasts who were just so excited to be there and get to camp, hike, climb, bike or whatever and I told Kat that those were my people. I felt like me and them were kindred spirits. You just don't find people like that everywhere you go. Well this past weekend, we went down to Portland for a regatta and it rained almost all weekend. Our car was parked right by a running trail and as i sat in the car I saw like 20 billion runners go by. Some were old, some were young, some were fast, some really slow, some had dogs, some brought their kids on bikes or pushed a stroller...but what made them all so awesome--they were running in the rain like it was no big deal! Those are my people!! I love rain. I love running in it and I love playing in it and people here in Oregon and Washington act like rain is no big deal, where in Utah if it rains everyone holes up inside their homes until the sun comes out again. I'm excited to live in a place full of people who love the outdoors despite what the weather is. These are my people!

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Caitlin said...

I wish there was a "Like" button on these things. So happy you are happy!