Monday, January 9, 2012

On being an old woman

So apparently, I'm an old woman.

This past week I was diagnosed with...SHINGLES! Or more commonly known as "old person's disease" or "Hell's chicken pox". Lucky me! That being said, shingles is super painful and so I'm on pain meds! yay! Which leads us to this little gem of a story:

So i'm on my pain meds, which cause me to have some narly (gnarly?) dreams. Last night I dreamt that my family had Orks (the big ugly guys from Lord of the Rings) over for a dinner party and they fell in love with rice krispy treats that my Dad had made.

My description doesn't do the dream justice...but boy oh boy was it a weird dream. Gotta love me some pain meds.

I need to hobble back down to the kitchen so I can drink my metamucil and finish my puzzle and do all the other things old people do.


beckie. said...

and people call me old. you're old and dying.

Anthony D said...

You've given me some excellent insight into what to look forward to when I get old!