Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blindness and redecorating

I still don't have any pictures to post so you'll just have to make do with reading my boring words. Get over it.

Last weekend I was able to meet up with my parents, 2 of my brothers and their families and hang out in Cedar City for a few days. It was a short visit but definitely worth while. Any time with my family is a great time and I'll take anything i can get. I feel lucky to be able to see them as often as I have been able to in the past little while.

Last night, it was really warm in my house so I opened up my window in hopes that it would make sleeping a little bit easier. Out of nowhere I started to hear cat noises. They started off as "meows" and quickly grew into what sounded like a legitimate cat fight. I didn't have my contacts in and so I tried squinting out my window to try and see what was happening. I stared at what I thought was the cat fight for well over a few minutes, and finally decided to get up out of bed to put my glasses on so I could see with a little bit more detail. As soon as i put my glasses on and went back to the window I realized that the spot where I'd been looking before, where I though the cat fight was taking place, was in fact just a grassy spot on our driveway and there were no cats in sight despite the sounds...they were around the corner of the house i guess. It just goes to show how blind I actually am.

The house I live in isn't the nicest. That's the nicest way I can say it. It's old and nothing matches and everything is second hand and none of us have ever put in any effort to decorate. But one of my roommates and I the other day decided we were going to make it look cute....well as cute as we could with what we had to work with. We were tired of living in such a depressingly ugly place. The first thing we did....REUPHOLSTER our kitchen chairs. I've never reupholstered anything so this was exciting. The old fabric was a light blue furry fabric with paint and who knows what else splattered all over it. They were ugly and dirty. The new fabric, that we found in the basement, is something your grandma would probably pick out. It has big flowers on it, BUT it matches our carpet's clean!! Now if we could only figure out something to do with our couches....

Oh yes...update....I am not moving to Seattle at this moment in my life, for an assortment of reasons. But it will happen someday.

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