Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year!!

Okay, So i'm a little slow on writing my New Years sue me. The past few years, thanks to Charlotte, I've been picking a word of the year. It's gone pretty good. I like having an overall theme for the year rather than making resolutions, not being able to keep them, then feeling like a failure.

This year my word is Commit. My inspiration comes from this article written by Marvin J. Ashton before I was even born called "The Word is Commitment". (Click here to read it!) I'm not dissatisfied with my life by any means, but I don't think i've made the most out of it that I could have and I think a lot of that is due to the fact that I never commit myself to stuff. I tend to only half way do things and thus they only get halfway done, which doesn't amount to much over the years. This year I'm not going to hesitate when faced with hard things, but just jump in and do them. I'm not going to second guess myself or others but trust that we know what we're doing and they mean what they say. Among other things. So in short, I commit to being happier, healthier, more spiritual, a better friend, and basically just a better me.

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Charlotte said...

I love this word, Brooke! What a great focus for the year. I think I definitely have something to learn from this.