Monday, January 10, 2011

Life lately

Life lately has been...great! I'm loving my job, i'm loving my new friends, i'm loving the way my future plans are looking, everything is just falling pretty perfectly into place. I'm not so dumb as to think that everything will continually and always go perfect, because it won't, but I feel pretty adequately prepared to take on any curve balls that life might throw my way. Here's a quick look at some highlights from the past few weeks.

I can't remember if I already blogged about this or not. I suppose the smart thing to do would be to go backwards and see but I'm already typing so deal with it if you've already heard about this. I went caving down in St. George with some friends a few weeks ago. So much fun. I was a little nervous i'd get claustrophobic, but I never did. After a long day of caving, we came back and went swimming and relaxed, then drove back to the valley. Perfect weekend getaway. We're planning on going down to St. George again in a few weeks to do some rock climbing. I have pictures, but i'll post those another day too.

I drove up to hang out with Lance and Jess at Jess's family's cabin in Kamas a few days after Christmas. It was a blast. We went snowmobiling and i jumped off the top of a little bathroom hut thing into the snow. Video and pictures to come of that later, as soon as Lance sends them too me (Ahem...hint hint!)

New Years Eve I got invited to go do a canyon down in Hanksville with my friends Gavin, Brendan, and Jared. We celebrated New Years Eve by driving down to Hanksville...we made sure to stop and blow something up at midnight to celebrate the new year. (Don't worry, Gavin is a science teacher so it was a controlled explosion) The New Year was brought in by camping in -6 degree weather (brrrrrr!) and then doing a canyon the next morning. The canyon we did was probably one of the hardest canyons i've ever done...mentally. The majority of it was narrower than my shoulders and there were quite a few spots where I go stuck and had to back up and climb a little higher or re-situate myself to fit. A few times i just had to sit there, breathe deeply and think skinny thoughts. I made it with no real freak outs and I claim that as a huge mental victory!

I made friends!! Yay! I've started hanging out with some kids I work with. They are hilarious, i love it. We went bowling one night last week and then the next morning we went out to breakfast at this little restaurant near my house. Best french toast i've ever had (besides yours Mom!). It was a lot of fun. I really love the people I work with.

I think those are the basic big things I've done in the past month or so. I live a great life.

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