Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall and then some

Kat inspired me to blog about all things that I love about Fall. October is by far my favorite month because it's the beginning of the best three months out of the whole year (October, November and December) and here is why they are wicked awesome:

-My birthday falls in the month of October
-You can finally start cooking with pumpkin and not feel guilty about it. Total fall ingredient. (Pumpkin Pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cheesecake...oh my stomach is growling!)
-The leaves change and fall which means running takes on a whole new purpose. Instead of running to run, I now run to crunch the leaves under my feet. I love the sound. I'm one of those people who purposefully runs all over the sidewalk and street just to crunch all the leaves.
-Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The trifecta of holidays. (Thank goodness we have the 4th of July to hold us up for the rest of the year)
-Pumpkin carving!!!
-Sweater/Jacket weather! My favorite clothes to wear.
-Come December, resorts start opening up for SNOWBOARDING SEASON!! Hallejuah!!
-Fall is magical, i think it's the perfect time to date someone.
-Thanksgiving could have a list of its own, but i'll just stick with saying what more could you want out of a holiday than food and football?
-Christmas, duh!
-I get to see my family usually at least once during these three months
-hat weather, i love wearing beanies.
-football, of course.--even though i'm getting worked in fantasy football this year.

...and so many more things, but i'll leave you with this unfinished list for now. If you'd like a greater understanding of my love of this time of year, please call me and I'll enlighten you.

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