Tuesday, September 28, 2010

heartbreaking news

Every morning since I got here around 7:30 I would hear music coming from outside. It was a joyous noise to hear, the music was the song "The Entertainer" and whenever I heard it I instantly thought of an ice-cream truck. So every morning when I'd hear this joyous music, I'd rush to my window in hopes of viewing the ice-cream truck. I always wondered to myself, "Why is he driving around so early?? Doesn't he know the best time for ice-cream is in the afternoon?" but i didn't dwell on the thought for too long because I for one am not opposed to ice-cream for breakfast so who am I to tell the ice-cream man that he can't sell his ice-cream at 7:30a.m. Every morning my heart would jump at the sound of that beautiful ice-cream truck music and every morning my heart would drop when once again I"d look out my window for several minutes and still not have an ice-cream truck sighting. One morning I was sitting at the breakfast table, eating my breakfast (which sadly was NOT ice-cream), and my heart jumped and I heard the music and so i asked my sister about it and what she told me totally shattered my universe...there is not in fact an ice-cream truck that drives around base each morning at 7:30, the music actually comes from the school down the street. All I know is that the school should have picked a different song, not one that the ice-cream truck plays because while they think they are making the kids happy by playing fun music in the morning, they are in fact killing their dreams of ice-cream trucks.

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