Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jet Lag

Coming over to Japan I was a little weary of jet lag...i'd seen it's effects and was not excited to encounter them myself. Fast forward to day one--getting off the plane despite only sleeping two hours, i felt relatively great! I wasn't tired at all and that night I probably went to bed around 9, which isn't so bad. Fast forward to day two--still feeling great, I took a nap because I thought it was a smart thing to do and I went to bed again around 9ish and finally day three about the same except minus the nap. Overall I haven't been real tired, the only problem I've come across is that I keep waking up at 3 or 4am all ready to start my day, and by 5 i'm starving. Now I know it's good to arise early and what not but I think 3am is pushing it a bit. So here it is, 4:14AM and I'm typing away on my blog because I'm not the least bit tired and my TV only gets 7 channels, all of which are military channels and it's hit and miss during the day what they're playing so at night it's even worse. Lesson learned: Push my bedtime back to 10 or 11.

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