Monday, April 19, 2010

Summer Goal

Today I bought a bike. I love it! I forgot how much fun it is to ride around on a bike, you get places sooo much faster than walking and there's just something magical about riding your bike in the summer time. A few weeks ago I worked with a girl and she was telling me how she had just bought a bike and she was going to try and ride her bike all summer long to work and other places instead of driving. She was doing it because she watched a movie about pollution and going green and she wanted to do so. I thought it was a great idea. I'm going to try and use my car as little as possible this summer and ride my bike everywhere. I'm doing it mostly to save gas money and get a workout. I'm way excited.

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Mychal Allen said...

I'm way excited for you and your bike! But be careful... ride it to often too soon and your butt will be most displeased. :)