Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 1 of my Bike

Day one of using my bike started out great. I rode it to campus and I got there in record time, I rode it to a friends house and got there so speedily. Riding your bike is so much better than walking! So then it comes time to go to work, so i start my trek. It's only about a 5.5 mile ride to work, not bad at all. Since it's finals week I figured i'd be good and bring my backpack with me so that I could study. So i loaded up my backpack with all my textbooks nad started off. Riding a bike and riding a bike with a heavy backpack are two very different things. It COMPLETELY throws off your balance. Needless to say, i caught a small edge on my bike and what normally wouldn't phase me at all, brought me crashing to the ground. As I had gone to correct my balance, i leaned over a bit and in the process my backpack came swinging to the side of me pulling both me and the bike over. Darn those heavy textbooks!! The only thing really injured was my pride. I was so embarrassed. I quickly got up, brushed it off like it was no big deal and kept on riding. This was in probably the first 2 miles of my ride, so as the next 3 went down I think I got stopped at least 5 times to be asked if I was okay and if i needed anything. As I sat on the curb at one part, trying to clean myself up a bit with my water bottle a sweet old Spanish guy who could barely speak english came over and offered me some alcohol wipes and a band-aid. I don't know what a band-aid would've done since it would've only covered like 1/20th of my scrape but it was nice of him anyways. At work, when I finally made it, I regaled them with my story. They loved it and my kids thought I was so hardcore. Besides the large scrape on my leg, I also have one great big bruise on my hip and one great big bruise on my upper thigh, but i chose not to take pictures of those because I didn't want you to scratch your eyes out from having to see the white beast. Wish me luck on day 2 of my biking adventures.

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