Monday, March 8, 2010

My 13 year old dreams.

Today I was going through a bunch of old papers and letters that I had, trying to organize them and get rid of some of them. In the pile I found a letter that i'd written to myself when I was 13 to be opened on my 18th birthday. Here's a few little excerpts...

On my future job...
"In my future I plan to become either a children's doctor or work at a children's hospital as a doctor" (Note from current self: Is there a difference?)" Or I want to be a translator and know 4 or 5 languages and travel around the whole entire world, Those are my plans, I sure hope they come true."

On my future husband....
"The man I hope to marrie (note from current self: yes that's how i spelled it!) at age 23 (I only have one more year to find this man apparently)is to be honest and worthy to go into the temple. And will have gone on a mission to a foreign land so that he can speak to me in one of the 4 or 5 languages that I will know or at least teach me a new one."

On having fun...
" Lifes not all about seriousness though. I want to go parachuting or parasailing or something that is really danger, but I don't want to die from it."

I had big dreams as a 13 year old, my 13 year old self would probably be disappointed to find out that I'm going to be neither a children's doctor or a doctor that works in a children's hospital, i only know half of 2 languages, and i'm 22 and nowhere near getting married. Sorry to be such a let down 13 year old Brooke.

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Anonymous said...

Kat's 13 year old Katrina dreams:

Job-Editor for the New York Times.

Husband-I wasn't getting married. I was going to be a young, hot, single woman of the world in Manhattan.

Having fun-Reading a book. That used to be danger for me. I'd never dream of parachuting. But I guess I have been parasailing.

Let's get Rosetta Stone, then we can both learn two more languages, therefore allowing us to meet beautiful foreign men when we live in Europe as nomads. I'd like to learn Italian and Hebrew. Or Greek.