Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have a few things to say:

1. Today started off not too great. It was snowing this morning and cute boy wasn't in class today, but soon the snow turned to rain which turned it into the perfect day to run! So i tied on my running shoes and went for a run in the rain, came home soaked, and took a nice hot shower...which in a nutshell translates into perfection!

2. Today at the grocery store they had this deal where you could buy 4 Kellogs products (like cereal or cereal bars) for $10 and get 2 gallons of milk free! So i did it. But with this great deal, came a big change in my life. I was getting my milk and I'm usually a 2% type of girl. I like my milk ot taste like milk, however, due to a recent nutrition kick lately, I instead got 2 gallons of skim milk. So far i've survived, we'll see if it satisfies in the continuing day.

3. I watched an episode of The Simpsons called Boy Meets Curl...and it's hilarious. We were never allowed to watch The Simpsons when we were younger, but college has opened my eyes to just how hilarious it is. I'm a big fan.

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beckie. said...

bahahahaha we were not allowed to watch simpsons either!! I am glad that I am not the only one that is bummed when the cute boy isn't in class....and try Viva Skim Delight- it is skim but does not taste so...skimmy.