Thursday, January 28, 2010

A tradition lives on!

Not all of you will recognize the snowman featured in the picture above, in fact, i'm pretty sure only one person will...and that's my sister. Why will she, do you ask? Let me tell you a little story about this snowman.

A long time ago, when i was just a wee little child, i made this snowman, i think at a primary activity (I don't remember for sure). But the point to get out of that is that I, Brooke Tolman, worked really hard on this piece of art and it's pretty darn good for a little kid. And then i brought it home and so proudly showed my mom and year after year she'd bring it out at Christmas and use it to decorate. And then one year, years later when i was much older, my sister Heather starts making fun of it and talks about how ugly and creepy it is. And then one night, i think i found it hidden in my bed and so i went and hid it in her room somewhere, and now this poor snowman doesn't get to bring Christmas cheer anymore, he just gets passed around. It's become a tradition to secretly hide it in each others stuff whenever one of us is visiting.

I thought I was rid of him last year when my Heather was gettign ready to move to Japan and I hid it in her suitcase, but after coming back to Utah after being home for Christmas this year, i got a package from my Mom with some things that i left behind and lo and behold who do I find in the package...THE SNOWMAN!!! I about died laughing. I immediately called my Mom to ask about it and she said she found it around the house one day and since Heather wasn't around to give it to, she decided to send it to me. So, way to go Mom for keeping the tradition alive...and Heather, beware of any packages you might get from me!

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Heather said...

That's awesome that Mom sent it to you--she is such a great Mom!!! We will watch for a package from you, but don't be surprised if it comes back with a red stamp that says "return to sender!!" Glad the tradition is still alive--I was wondering what happened to the snowman.