Monday, September 28, 2009

Pie vs. Cake

This is a big debate in my world. People think i'm crazy for loving pie so much, but i'd rather have pie anyday than cake. On my birthday i have birthday pie, on my wedding I WILL HAVE wedding pie, on any major holiday we celebrate with pie, and I could go on and on for all the occasions i'd choose pie over cake. I have nothing against cake, i'll eat it if it's given to me, but when given a choice, pie always wins out. (Except in the case of cupcakes in icecream cones, then sometimes it's a toss-up.)

Here are 10 reasons why pie is better than cake:

1. You can make cake from a box, most cakes are just mediocre, but it takes real skill to bake a pie. pie is a real test of a bakers skill.

2. Pie has crust. Flaky, bready, graham, oreo, sweet, savory, fatty and fried, light and airy... they're all yummy.

3. Pie has filling. You can fill them with Anything!

Heck, we aren't even limited to sweet things. Savory meat and/or veggie pies are satisfying in a hearty and fundamental manner. Name a tasty edible and you can make a pie out of it. You can't make a good meat cake, that just sounds nasty.

4. I submit that cheesecake is actually a pie. Which instantly gives pie like 20 bonus points. (It is shaped like a pie, and it looks like a pie, therefore it is a pie.)

5. If you put icecream on cake, it makes it mushy and soggy. If you put icecream on pie, it just adds to the delicousness.

6. Cake is just a jumble of carbs, where as pie can include your recommended amount of fruit servings for the day. Talk about healthy!

7. Nobody ever says, "My mom bakes the best apple cake in the world" it's always, "my mom bakes the best apple pie in the world." You know why? because pie is better.

8. Pizza is a type of pie. and who doesn't like pizza?

9. 3 words: Chicken Pot Pie.

10. It's named after a mathematical equation, and math makes the world go round.


cait. said...

Brooke, I love you.

Mychal Allen said...

Give me cheesecake or give me death!

Beckie said...

OMG OMG OMG OH EM GEE. ha. I LOVE PIE!I would take pie over cake on my birthday any day. Are you going home for Thanksgiving? I go to my best friend's house...they make like 2 dozen different pies, literally...HIll and I are going, you should totally come!