Monday, September 28, 2009

Minus One Day...

Yesterday marked one month until my birthday. Which means today is only one month minus a day until my birthday! Woo hoo!!! For all you Brooke Tolman fans out there who are counting along with me, and can't wait for that wonderful day to arrive, i'll give you some hints as to what will make this day even MORE special than it already is...

PIE. Pie is the epitomy of what a birthday should be for me. None of this cake crap, I want birthday pie! (Rhubarb, Cherry, or Apple are preferable.--In that order!)

And that's it.

Counting down until my birthday is probably the most fun part about it. Usually nothing happens the day of, and that's fine, we all have busy lives. But for those of you who do wish to celebrate, I will sacrifice and pretend i'm enjoying it for your sake. I will be celebrating all week long, this is what i call my birthweek celebration, so reserve your day of celebration now, because they go quick!!

Hey everyone, guess what tomorrow is??? One month minus two days till my birthday!!

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