Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Peter B.!!

Yesterday i was sitting at work, minding my own business, working hard as always when i hear a scream and i look behind me to see what it was all about and i see Kat passed out at her desk. I immediately go into my first-aid mode and shake her awake and ask what's wrong. She told me she passed out from over stimulation and too much excitement because she just found out there was a FREE PETER BREINHOLT CONCERT that night!!

Okay, okay, it didn't quite happen that way but at work yesterday we did find that out and spur of the moment decided we wanted to go. Best decision ever. The town of Draper is putting on free concerts in the park every monday night for the month of June. We thought it'd be pretty crowded because Peter B. has quite a few die-hard fans here in Utah but it actually wasn't so bad. It was mostly families with small kids. I think we were the lone college students. It was overcast and looking like rain, so they started a few minutes early, and played for about an hour till the lightening got to close and they had to pack up. Good thing, because as soon as we got to our car it started to pour rivers from the sky.

It was a really fun night. Just extremely relaxing and entertaining. I love that it was so spur of the moment. Despite the rain, it was pretty nice weather...and good company of course! Next up on Kat and I's Peter B. stalking list...his August 1st concert in Sandy! Wahoo!

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Anonymous said...

Peter! Peter! August 1...HERE WE COME!!!