Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It just wasn't my day

Today at work, Kat decided she wanted some icecream and invited me to accompany her up to the vending machines. I decided to take some extra change along so that i could get a snack as well! I'm always up for a mid-afternoon pick me up snack! Well we got up there and i couldn't make up my mind until i saw it, the snack i just HAD to have....a creamcheese stuffed pretzel (insert allelujuah chorus here) I love those things and it'd been awhile so i decided to splurge and spend $1.75 to get it. So i insert my money and press the number and as it starts to vend Kat proceeds to tell me that it's in the second spot so it's not going to vend. Thanks, why couldn't someone tell me that BEFORE i put my money in. A waste of a $1.75. Well, Kat,being the nice friend that she is, says she has some money left on her card and offers to buy it for me. (She's so thoughtful!) So she swipes her card, i press the number for my pretzel and as it's vending...it gets stuck!!!!!!! Okay, i've heard of not getting your food once from a vendig machine, but twice in a row?? It had gotten stuck on the hot pocket next to it. Dumb hot pocket, I knew i didn't like those things for a reason. At this point, Kat and I died laughing. I took it as a sign that i wasn't suppose to eat that pretzel. Fate is telling me that i need to eat a little less sugar. So we rejected and deprived of my pretzel we went back to the office to make Kats mac and cheese. Someone loves me because another co-worker of ours had heard of my tragedy and donate $1.25 of her money to buy the hot pcoket so that i could get my pretzel. People are so good to me. We figured, $4.75, was spent in all just to get me my pretzel, but actually Kat's the only one who lost any money in this little transaction, the rest of us came out even.

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Bryce & Cherise said...

that ALWAYS happens to me! haha. I used to buy peanut M&Ms from machines alot and I swear it would get stuck half of the time! You have such nice friends to help you!