Saturday, February 7, 2009

Catch up....

This is just a catch up of the past couple weeks of things I've done but forgotten to blog about. Therefore you'll only get a brief description....sorry.

First off, a couple weekends ago, we had roommate bonding night and made a fort in our living room. FORT FORT FORT FORT! It actually turned out pretty good. We then watched the movie Clue and ate lots of food that's really bad for you in our fort.

Next....Caitlin got FRONT ROW tickets to a BYU basketball game. It was awesome. We got free t-shirts (the one i'm wearing in the photo) and I forgot how much i love going to basketball games. Caitlin, your the best!

Same day as the basketball game, just later that night...Charlotte and I had Charlotte-Brooke bonding night where we made cupcake cones, ate pizza and watched Signs. In the movie Signs they make foil hats so that the aliens can't read their thoughts, we too made them. Now, in case of alien invasion, i have my own foil hat so that the aliens can't read my mind.

And then tonight, we went and saw Amber's friend Rand fight. I don't remember what sort of a fighter he is, but it's like ultimate fighting and it was awesome. He knocked his opponent out in under 3 minutes. I was enthralled.

And that is all for now.


charlotte said...

I love this! And your picture of our anti-mind-reading hats is way better than mine. I want to hear about the cage fighting.

Andino said...

oh my gosh you're cool. I love your fort! When do I get Brooke bonding time?