Thursday, December 4, 2008

pounding the pavement

While i was running today, I thought of all the reasons why i love running, to help keep my mind off of the pain in my knees. And here's the list i came up with.
Because it feels good
Because even when it doesn't feel good, it feels better afterwards
Because I always feel better afterwards and never worse
Because it's hard
Because it makes me feel like i can do ANYTHING
Because I can climb to the 8th floor of the Widtsoe building and not get out of breath.
Because my red blood cells love it
Because my lungs love it
Because of the sweat, lots and lots of sweat
Because of the hot shower afterwards
Because of the peace of mind afterwards
Because I can pig out afterwards
Because it makes me crave healthy food
Because it helps me sleep well
Because of runner's thighs, butt, and calves (although the butt i don't so much have anymore unfortunately)
Becuase of skinny ankles
Because i love the look i get from people when i tell them i went on a short 5 miler
Because it gives me good posture
Because it makes me nimble
Because i feel like noone and nothing can catch up with me
Because it's my way to rebel
Because i get to splurge and buy cute shoes once a year
Because it's free
Because it's freeing
Because 20 or 30 years down the road it'll help reduce my risk heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, and so many other diseases.
Because it's something i can do by myself
Because it's something i can do with anyone who will do it with me
Because it clears my mind
Because it's one of the few times my mind and body meld
Because I'm not such a great dancer but running to dance music makes me feel like I am
Because of the high
Because it saves me when I am at my lowest low
Because I love speeding past people on the sidewalk
Becuase I was always one of the fastest kids
Becuase it's the closest I get to childhood
Because of the sprint
Because of resisting the sprint
Because it's the closest I get to flying


emily said...

This makes me wish I were a runner! I've wished that several times in my life, and tried, but failed. Way to go, Brooke! I'm so impresed!

Cherise Davies said...

wow...makes me want to run too....but i know i won't. ha! I'm such a fatty! or at least i will be! hahahaha!!!

charlotte said...

I need to start running again. . . . Your list inspired me, Brooke.