Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Many,many moons ago, my Dad started the tradition of dollar store presents. It's the highlight of Christmas. We enjoy it so much so that Lance started the tradition in the physics department and it's become a yearly favorite there as well. Dollar store gifts, due to their funny nature, are good for a laugh no matter what. Probably all of my most memorable christmas presents are dollar stores gifts. I even remember all of my dollar store gifts from the very first time we got them. Let me name them off for you: incense, incense, incense....are you sensing a pattern?? Every year since the beginng of time (or just the beginning of the era of dollar store gifts) I have recieved incense for christmas from my dad. He gets creative though. IT's a different type of incense every year. One year the incense holder was in teh shape of an elephant, another year it was a little box, the smell of the incense is always different (and always gives me a headache!) The best part about it is, that after i open it he insists on putting it in the fire to burn, making our house smell like a mixture of burning potpurri and a public restroom. As christmas gets closer, i can't wait to see what sort of incense finds its way into my life this year.

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