Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy BIrfday to me!!

So today is my birthday. I have approximately 11 minutes left of celebration. Probably less once i finish this post. It hasn't been the most exciting of birthdays but birthdays at college are never fantastic. I started my birthday off but staying up till 5a.m. the night before studying for a test, got 3 hours of sleep and then spent 3 hours in the testing center taking a test. What a way to start off my birthday! The rest of the afternoon was pretty much the same as any other Monday. I had class till 6:30 and that's when the celebrating part of my birthday occurred. Aunt Leslee and their family threw me a party! It included Papa Murphy's pizza, which is always a favorite and Midnight Delight ice cream cake (which was better than better-than-sex cake, which means it was REALLY good). I had to blow out the candles on the cake twice, because i forgot to make a wish the first time. After cake, we played Raving Rabbid and guitar hero on the Wii! Sooooo much fun! Then we came home and popped a movie in. Which was interrupted by Brett, Nichole, Hannah and Caitlin bringing me over cherry cobbler and ice cream. That was very thoughtful of them. I think the highlight of my birthday was when Aaron called and I got to talk to all my old Mexican buddies from Outback! Oh how i miss working there. All in all, it was a pretty good birthday, nothing spectacular but I wasn't expecting much to begin with. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes by the way!!!


charlotte said...

Happy happy happy happy happy happy birthday!!!

Aaron said...

goes to show Brooke, I am there for you. I'm always thinking what can i do for brooke. Just look at the title of your blog. Arnold's grand adventure. Who came up with calling you Arnold. You're welcome. Happy Birthday.