Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Celebration continues....

Today is a sad, sad day. Today i am no longer a Missouri resident, but am i true and official resident of the great state of Utah now. How sad is that? It hurts my little heart to admit to it. I passed the driving test with flying colors and got a 23/25 on my written test. I look a little drugged up in my new license picture but that's to be expected right?

On a different note, my birthweek celebration continued today! Aunt Leslee, Kellie, and Jaslyn (sp?) took me out to lunch at The Pizza Factory this afternoon. I love my relatives! It's been so much fun getting to see all of them and know all of them so much more this semester! The celebration continued tonight as well when Charlotte finally unveiled her big surprise that she'd been planning for so long. Along with our usually Tuesday night watching of House, she brought over delicious brownies and mint chocolate chip ice cream. She's the best! Since she did a little tribute to me on my birthday, here's a little shout out in response. Here are some reasons why i LOVE my fellow budget deputy Charlotte:

1. While others ridicule me for my love of Chuck, Monk, Psych, ect...Charlotte obsesses over them with me. Being a TV junkie is twice as fun when you have a buddy to be one with.

2. She shares her friends with me. I'm a friend moocher and Charlotte's okay with that. If i didn't mooch off of her friends, i'd have approximately 3 real friends, one of them being my mom and one of them being Charlotte (who my mom pays to be my friend)

3.I can tell her anything and everything and i DO tell her everything! She is one of the only people i feel like i can talk to about whatever my little heart and soul desires. And I never once feel like she judges me for anything i say. The greatest part is that not only can i vent to her about boys, friends, roommates, school, ect but i feel really comfortable talking to her about spiritual things as well.

4. She lets me escape from my apartment and come over whenever i want. I'm like the 5th roommate at their place and she is great to let me come sit and chill on her bed whenever i want.

On a sad note, we lost our basketball game by 2 points tonight. We should have won, if only i had made more baskets.

Annnnnnnd....now i'm done.


emily said...

Did Charlotte do our Happy Birfday, Buddy! voice for you? If not, you should request a performance. It's good.

charlotte said...

I love this :) I was smiling the whole time!! :)

charlotte said...

And I want to see your license picture.

Miss Katelyn Anne said...

uh would you like to see my birthday interpretive dance? it's nice and awkward...just like the prostaglandin e-mail.