Saturday, September 27, 2008

Life is a Process

I think it's crazy how much things change from year to year. My first two years of college nothing really changed except where i lived-i still had the same types of classes pretty much, i worked with basically the same people, and i had the same friends. But now...i have a whole different type of classes that i LOVE by the way, I've worked the longest at my job than anyone else there by a long shot now that Charlotte's gone (Jerk! just kidding I'm excited for you!) and i hang out with totally different people. None of this is by choice, it just kinda happened that way and i have to admit some of it worried me at first but i realized you just have to embrace what you have. Because life is about change and so you might as well get use to it.


charlotte said...

Isn't life funny sometimes? I totally miss the physics department, or more specifically seeing your beautiful face every day. :( And my friends are totally your friends, mi amiga!

Anonymous said...

kBrooke. What the heck? I don't like this post.