Thursday, September 25, 2008

It all started with 4 bottles of water. At work, i drink lots of water so i won't give into the temptation to eat all the candy bars we have sitting there and calling my name. Today i drank a whopping 4 bottles of water before having to go to class at noon. Water has a way of sneaking up on you. Everything is fine and then all of the sudden BAM! you have to pee like a racehorse. So i'm sitting there in my physiology lab and i sorta really have to go to the bathroom. I luckily, uncomfortably hold it until the end of class at which time i walk really really fast to the bathroom down the hall. Finally...i get to relieve myself. Greatest feeling ever. So i'm in the stall i finish up my business and go to let myself out...door won't budge. The lock is jammed and it WILL NOT unlock. Being trapped in a bathroom stall is probably on my top 5 list of things that make most anxious. (it probably ranks right up there after large crowds) I would rather have sat in that stall for hours upon hours than crawled underneath on the dirty nasty floor to get out. Luckily after like 5 minutes (which is a long time to be stuck in a bathroom stall) and with a little muscle power i FINALLY freed myself from the bathroom stall. Probably the most traumatic experience of the semester so far. So watch time your in a public bathroom, check your lock.


jessica said...

I've been there too, Brooke. It's one of the worst feelings just thinking that you could possibly be stuck in a public restroom for the rest of the day. And what do you do if people come in, do you ask for help? or do you just let them laugh as your shaking the door back and forth? And maybe climbing over the door would be better than crawling under the door... but then what if you get stuck trying to escape? Oh the anxiety within public restrooms!

cait. said...

I freak out within the first .02 seconds of that happening. Thoughts that race through my mind:
- Oh no, what do I do?
- Do I call someone?
- This is so embarrassing
- I'm going to be stuck in here forever!
- I'm NOT touching that floor
- Who do you call when you are stuck in a stall?
- Should I scream for help?
- I'm so stupid
- This crap always happens to me
- etc etc etc

and then after like .05 seconds, I get out.

So yes, five minutes is a long time. Congratulations on your freedom.

charlotte said...

Yikes! I'm glad you escaped, Brooke, because I would have missed you. I would have sent out a search party until you were found.

Hannah said...

large that time we were hyperventilating at the regional stake conference?