Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Nelson House: EXPOSED

You know how all of the reality TV shows have "behind the scenes" shows at the end of their season, well my "season" at the Nelson household is almost up so i thought i'd give you a peek of what REALLY goes on here. Every family has their secrets and these are just a couple of Heather and Erics.

Secret #1:
They can't really control Ethan and bedtime and naptime were just too much for them to handle so now they just give Ethan a little bit of the "strong drink" and bedtime is whenever he passes out, bottle still in the mouth. Waking up afterwards is a bit hard but that's why they keep the bottle of baby aspirin handy right in the dresser nearby.

Secret #2:
Their perfect little Kailey....has a stump for a leg. I don't think there's much more to say on this one, the picture says it all.

Secret #3:
They live like barbarians. "Forks? who needs them...Use your knife to stab your food!"

Now for a little uplifting news...I'm finished with the top part of my quilt. Here it is all done minus like 3 rows i think, but close enough to being done. Now all i have to do is add the quilt batting and the back will just be black and i'm all done. Lets see how long that takes!


Rick Tolman said...

So, who is the quilt for? Has that "nesting" instinct finally kicked in?

(BYU RMs beware!)

Jessica Gray said...

I KNEW there was more to Heather than meets the eye....Nice job exposing the truth.

~Jessica Gray (Groton Ward)

jessica said...

i love the fabrics you chose very cute!

charlotte said...

Hahahahaha! Oh the secrets of your summer . . . . Let's be glad you're turning domestic; otherwise I'd be worried that those barbaric knife habits would have affected you more.

cait. said...

I love when secrets are exposed. And you making a quilt? Is there anything you can't do??