Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A little challenge

So I've never had much muscle and I've always been much more into running then i have been into strength training types of things, so I've decided to try and tone my upper body by attempting....THE 100 PUSH UP CHALLENGE!! How cool does that sound? In approximately 6 weeks, maybe more for me because i might have to repeat a couple weeks, i should be able to do 100 push ups! Which would be a huge accomplishment for me because, for my initial test, i could barely squeak out 4 measly push ups. I have quite the challenge ahead of me. Even if i end up being able to do like 20 push ups in a row i will be happy. Wish me luck!!

So on the note of a hundred push ups, I was walking down our street yesterday to mail a letter and I passed a Dad and his 12 or 13, maybe 14 year old daughter outside playing volleyball. As i was walking by i heard the Dad say to the girl after she attempted to serve it over a fake volleyball net, " I don't care if you end up doing 100 pushups tonight, you WILL learn how to serve a volleyball," And after she proceeded to serve it too low, had to drop and do 10 push ups. Needless to say, that brought me back to the glory years of when i played sports and had the potential to be good and Dad's training sessions. While i never had to do push ups, Dad did have numerous other ways to try and "motivate" me. Seeing this Dad and his daughter made me laugh. You could tell she was sick of it and just wanted to go inside. I wanted to go pat her on the back and tell her she'd survive and thank her Dad for it a couple years from now.

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charlotte said...

I'm glad my dad never made me do 100 push-ups...I think I would have died. And then you would never have had the chance to know me.