Saturday, June 21, 2008

A name for my baby.

As many of you know, my life long dream of owning my own car came true back in March. I was sad to see my Grandma move but oh so happy to receive her car! I have coveted (yes i broke one of the commandments, Thou shalt not covet they neighbors things or something like that, i've worries) as i was saying, i have coveted that car since she and my grandpa bought it. A 1997? 1998? (i don't remember which year) Jeep Grand Cherokee. Anyways, reason i brought this up, wasn't to rub it in your face that my car is better than yours (you can rub it in mine that you probably get better gas mileage than me) but because over the last 3 months or so i've been bothered by the fact that my baby doesn't have a name. All good cars have good strong names. For example, we use to have a little red toyota in my family and it was named Nimble Ned. My friend Sarah's car at home is named Rhonda, or if she's feeling especially ghetto, LaFonda. A car isn't a car without a good name. It's been keeping me up at night that my car didn't have a name OR a gender. I finally decided that my car is a boy, no a man because then no matter what happens in life i will always have a man by my side. Okay, lame joke. But it hit me one day last week, the perfect name. I seem to attract men by the name of Charles. Back home in st. Louis, in Provo, and even here in Connecticut i have come to be acquaintences with boys named Charles and i just somehow feel like it's a sign. So i hereby name my car Charles. However i decided Charles isn't a cool enough name, so i'm nicknaming my car Chaz for short. I can now sleep at night knowing my car has a good strong name.


cait. said...

I definitely approve. Chaz seems fitting. Did you ever watch rug rats?

charlotte said...

Chaz is hot--I like it.

Andino said...

I like it Brooke. I love naming inanimate objects. I named my printer priscilla.