Thursday, June 19, 2008


So this last weekend, we took the 2 hour drive up to Boston and spent the weekend there on the Navy's Dime! sweet deal, i know! Saturday we first stopped at the Boston temple because Heather and Eric had a sealing to go to. Can i just say that i think the Boston Temple might just be one of my favorite temples. It may be one of the smaller ones, but it is just gorgeous! After the temple we drove around Harvard and Eric gave us his own person tour of campus. I now know many random stories that i bet nobody else knows, so if your in the mood for some interesting stories about Harvard, like how the library came to be, or about the statue of the 3 lies, let me know because i know them! After visiting Harvard we went and toured the U.S.S constitution and a visited a museum on it.

That night walked part of the freedom trail and encounted a Gay rights parade, complete with a huge rainbow arch made of balloons! (sorry i didn't get a picture of that, i know your all disappointed!) That night we were all exhausted so we just relaxed at the hotel. Aren't they cute?!?
The next day, the camera ran out of batteries, but it was a day full of photo ops. We went to the Boston Children's Museum! It was so much fun! I will always be a kid at heart!

All my life i've said that Boston was my favorite city, but my mom reminded me last week that it'd be since i was 3 that i had been there, so i'm not entirely sure how i lived with that notion all my life. BUt after being there at an age where i can fully remember it now, i can honestly say, it ranks in my list of favorite cities!

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Andino said...

How fun! Brooke I'm loving your short hair.