Friday, May 16, 2008

Stay thirsty my friend!

Dude, i'm on like a blogging HIGH lately. Now that we've established that i have no life out of cyberspace (although i did go to the movies tonight with some new friends..suprised??) I've decided, after much study and research in California that i did for that first week in May, to clue everyone in on just a couple of the reasons why everyone wants to live in California.

Number 1: The palm trees
I think you can count on one hand the number of states that have palm trees, which include Arizona, Florida, and Nevada and who really wants to live in those states? I'd choose California over them anyday.

Number 2: Cute babies
Although really, cute babies don't come from california they come from the Tolman family, but since my very beautiful neice lives in cali currently, we'll give it to them for now.

Number 3: The Putting Greens
California is where all the high class, rich people live and what is a rich persons favorite thing to do?? Golf! So of course they have nicely manicured putting greens!

Number 4: Finally last but definitley the best of all the reasons to live in California...John Wayne made of Lint!
Need i really explains?? Does it get any better than this my friends??

But for real, my trip to california exceeded my highest expectations! I mean, i ate gelato and saw dolphins for the first time in my life, i mastered Mario-Kart and proceeded to whoop Lance in it every night i was there (even Jess occasionally), i got to lay out at the pool, eat at Roscoe's House of Chicken' n Waffles, put my hand in Denzel Washingtons handprints, and best of all, have my niece fall asleep on my chest everynight (best feeling in the world!). So thanks Lance and Jess for a fantastic vacation! You guys are the best!


charlotte said...

I still vote for CO. :D

Andino said...

Funness. Except Arizona is a fine place to live! But yes, Cali is so fun.