Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Please strut on the left

Before i begin writing my thoughts on New York City, i'd like to print a retraction because i've had some complaints. Apparently the picture in the post below isn't sufficiently cute enough of my niece (so i've been told by her parents) that they've sent me replacement pictures for it. Now it's true, it's not the best picture of her, however, i still think it is dang cute, but since i'm such a crowd pleaser, here is another photo to show, once again, just how dang cute she is.

So this past weekend was my first time to New York City. An experience that everyone should take part in at least once in their life times. It's a whole different world. We took the subway to go see the Statue of Liberty and walking in the train station it reminded me of when my family went to London a few years ago. In London we took the train to get a lot of different places and we thought it was so funny because there was this automated announcer guy that you could hear all over the station that kept saying, "Please strut on the left" in this thick british accent. It took us a few times to catch what he was saying but after we figured it out it became one of the many jokes of the trip. As i remember it though, the people followed the directions of this automated voice, everyone was really good at walking on the left side. I remember this while we were in New York because it was just a mad house at Grand Central Station. Every man for himself. Even though there were signs saying 'keep to the left' everywhere, really if you had kept to the left the whole entire time you would've been trampled. So I've come to the conclusion that either British people are much better at following directions or that the majority of New Yorkers are illiterate so they can't read the signs, thus don't follow the walk to your left rule. Maybe New York should look into getting an announcement that plays over the entire station saying, " Don't swagger on the left", maybe then it wouldn't be such an ordeal to get to where your going.

Check back eventually for pictures of New York!


charlotte said...

Ha! I love the strut and swagger--I can just picture you, Brooke! I love NYC--it's a way fun place!

Namlot said...

Thank you very much for putting up a cute picture. Teagan appreciates it. Stay thirsty my friends!

jessica said...

thank you for having tribute playing on your blog, good times!