Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rope Swing!!

Today some friends and I spent the afternoon at one of my favorite spots. Burriston (sp?) pond! It's a pond in Mona and it has a sweet awesome rope swing. My first swing was not a success as the rope twisted around my arm and left a nice bruise and rope burn [pictured below].
So after that, I decided to take it easy for a bit and I found a nice spot to relax on a tree branch.

....And then some boys came and joined me.

...And then I went and tested out kayaking for a bit.

..until someone came and tipped me. Thanks.

At which time I decided it was time to go off the rope swing again...'s pretty high.

Success. No more rope burns!
And then I got to ride home on a motorcycle.
And then Laura and I ate chocolate cake and watched a chick flick.
End fantastic day...
cue music.
Close curtains.


Captain Danger said...

The second one who joined you was a man, not a boy. Just sayin'.

Charlotte said...

That all sounds wonderful! Remember when we watched When a Stranger Calls last summer? That's still one of the scariest movies I've ever seen.