Friday, December 17, 2010

Ode to my Jeep

Coming home tonight from my cousins wedding it was snowing super hard which meant traffic sucked, and while sitting there in my car I started to think of how much I loved my car, and the following poem is the creation that followed while sitting in traffic. Enjoy a peek into the creative workings of Brooke.

Through snow storms and mountains and lands afar,
There's nothing more reliable than my trusty car.

With its 4 wheel drive and its heated seats,
In the winter time it's pretty tough to beat.

Stinky boys, wet snowboards and all my stuff it's held,
through rivers, up canyons and across states it's only excelled

My awesome dance moves and singing he doesn't mind,
As long as every once in awhile I get his tires aligned.

Chas, I love you, your the type of man I'd like to keep,
It's a shame your just my trusty jeep.

Awesome...I know.

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