Tuesday, July 6, 2010


In between all of the massive amounts of studying I've been doing I've found a little bit of time to go and have some fun. Unfortunately I don't have pictures for most of the activities, so a detailed description will have to suffice.

Canoeing. Apparently, you can rent canoes from BYU for free from the Rec Therapy Department if your a student, and one of my friends found out and took full advantage of it. 8 of us went canoeing on Utah lake one afternoon and boy was it fun. It was my first time to Utah Lake and it's a little dirty, but once you get past the dead fish and greenish-brownish water it was a blast! My canoe was the best at tipping people over via ramming speed and I busted out a little figaro for the masses. They loved it. And I loved canoeing. I want to do it again sometime soon.

Floating. A friend from my ward and I decided we wanted to go float the provo river, so we invited some friends from the ward and a few from other places and had at it. WE ended up with a group of about 30 people which made it a ton of fun. The water was freezing cold so you can be sure that we all tried to stay in our tubes best we could. Unfortunately me and a friend flipped our tubes so we got to experience the full effect of the icy water. Definitely a fun time was had.

Austin took me rollerblading today and it was so much fun! We went along the Provo river trail because it's relatively flat and paved so it was a nice easy place for me to start out. I hadn't been rollerblading in probably 3 years and boy did it show. I never knew how to stop in the first place but I really couldn't remember how to today. I only fell once though, but boy was it a good one. There was a little crack in teh asphalt that converged upwards like a mountain and I was going pretty fast and there was no time to even attempt stopping by the time i saw it so i just hit it and while my blades stopped, my body kept moving in a forward motion and my knees and palms stopped me. It was fantastic, i looked pretty hardcore rollerblading with blood dripping down my leg.

Those are all the stories I have for now...more to come soon I hope.


Aaron said...

FIGARO!!! Brooke, sit down! you are going to tip the canoe. SIT DOWN! Who do I sound like?

brooketolman said...


Andino said...

remember when we went canoeing in YW's and we went down that little water fall and my mom got so made at me. Haha.