Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Homeless Man

Last week while running I passed this older man walking down the sidewalk. He had on these short green army shorts...and when i say short I mean you saw more of his leg than you ever would want to. He had no shirt on and even though his legs and arms were pretty stick skinny, he had quite the pooch of a belly. So naturally when I saw this ratty looking man walking down the sidewalk...I thought he was homeless.

Well, yesterday when I was running, I passed him again (in the same dirty shorts and shirtless) however this time he was jogging, sort of off balance if i may add, but he was jogging. And again today when I was running I passed him again (once again in the same clothes) but this time he was booking it down the sidewalk, still off balance and lurching to one side. (In my Orthopedic and Therapeutic Techniques class we learned about abnormal gaits and judging from his lurching to one side, he not only exhibits the Trendelenberg gait but he more than likely is experiencing a gluteus medius weakness on his left side, just fyi).

So the conclusion that I've come to is that this man, because he is homeless and therefore doesn't have a job or a place to watch tv, goes running to pass his days. However since he is homeless and probably starving, he has the distended belly like those little kids in africa and little skinny arms and legs. And that also explains why he wears the same shorts everyday and no shirt.