Friday, January 8, 2010

3 quick stories

This morning, after i'd gone to class and come home, i decided i was hungry so i pulled out a bowl and made some instant oatmeal. (i'm a big fan of oatmeal). So after pulling my oatmeal from the microwave and adding some raspberry jam to it, i grabbed a spoon from our clean dishes pile and went to sit on the couch and eat it. First bite...initially it tasted really good, did i mention i love oatmeal? After that initial taste though, as my taste buds REALLY started to soak it up, i realized something was oatmeal tasted soap. Well maybe it was just that one bite, so i took another one hoping the dish soap taste would be gone, or at least a little bit lessened. Nope, just a strong as the first time. So do you think i took my spoon over to the sink and washed it, so that i could fully enjoy the rest of my oatmeal? NOpe, i kept eating, thinking that it had to wear off sometime. It never really did, and to be honest, i still enjoyed my oatmeal. The lesson to be learned here can't trust your roommates dish-washing skills.

I was talking with someone earlier this week about what i was studying and my plans for after graduation and how i had no idea what i wanted to do in the immediate or distant future as far as a job goes, but that the smart decision would be to go to grad school or PA school or something like that. I thought, that like most people, he'd respond with "oh that sounds like a great idea, i hear there are tons of good jobs in those fields"...however in return he quoted from a book and he said "Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive." And it has made a huge difference in my thought process. While i have yet to figure out what it is exactly that makes me "come alive" I've started to realize that I can do whatever i want and i don't have to fit into that nice little mold that people have made for me and expect of me because it's the "smart" thing to do.

Last night i dreamt that i woke up and went into the bathroom to put my contacts in and after putting them in, i looked in the mirror and i was missing one of my front teeth and in my dream i had deduced that my gums had become really soft and my tooth had just dropped right out. It was kinda gross. So i called my parents and they got mad at me for not having better dental hygiene and i told them that i'd just been to the dentist and they never said anything about it. So whatever, in my dream i planned to make an appointment with the dentist to get it fixed. So now, later in my dream i'm somewhere...i don't remember where, when all of the sudden i'm looking at my mouth again and all of my gums fall out. And i'm just left with my teeth attached to my jaw bones (which all of us who have taken anatomy know that's not how teeth are attached). And once again, for obvious reasons, i started freaking out again. Upon waking up, for real, i immediately went to the mirror to make sure that my teeth were firmly set in my mouth and my gums weren't going to fall out anytime soon. It was pretty traumatizing.

...I had a fourth story but i can't remember it right now.


Heather said...

BORING!!! We want interesting stories and maybe some pictures now that you have a camera. Dad told me to ask you to send me pictures of the things you made over the break. Brooke, honestly, isn't your life a little more exciting than soapy oatmeal and no teeth?? Next time you feel like you have to post, just make something good up. I love you!!

cait. said...

Keep the stories coming, Brooke. I'm loving it. Except now I feel pressure to discover what makes me "come alive." And I'm glad you still have your teeth.