Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Story of My Life

So we all know that for some reason or another i give the people the urge to roll down their windows and yell at me from their cars as they drive by. I mean, how could we forget the story of when i was running and the girl calling me fat while she stuffed her face with frenchfries, or the creepo who pulled up next to me while i was running and told his little dog that he was holding in his lap to look at the "pretty girl" (aka..me!...i promptly turned around and started running in the opposite direction towards home.)or multiple other stories that are rather similar. Today was no different. I woke up, put on my new Transformers T-shirt and jeans, and walked out my door. As i was locking it, i vaguely heard someone behind me yell.."Your're Awesome!" and then i turned around and saw a car slowed down with a boy hanging out of it pointing at my me and my shirt yelling, "Yes, you! You're awesome!" and then they sped away down 8th North. And you know what? I believe him. I am awesome, even when i don't have my transformers t-shirt on, although it does help my case a little.


charlotte said...

Hahaha that's awesome! And yes, Brooke, you are awesome. But not as awesome as me.

Captain Danger said...

Brooke, I'll go ahead and agree with that guy. You are pretty awesome. I think you were probably fishing for compliments like this when you wrote this post.

Bryce & Cherise said...

heck yes you're awesome!