Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun Weekend.

Last weekend was a pretty fun weekend for me. It started on Friday after work when some friends took me rapelling for the very first time ever. We just went up Rock Canyon and did an easy one there. It was pretty scary the first time, but fun, and definitely something i want to do again.

Saturday morning/afternoonish we had a ward activity that consisted of a barbeque, shaving cream fight and a slip n' slide. Need i say more? THe best part was, that at Christmas time i bought these blue shorts from Old Navy for like $2, and i'd only used them like once or twice and this was the perfect activity for them! Woo hoo!

And don't worry, it gets better....
After the ward activity, i had to come home and hurry and wash off the shavingcream and grass bits that were stuck to me, and then to celebrate Brandon's birthday, we went and played basketball for acouple hours and then went out ot eat at Ruth's Diner which is to die for! one of my favorite places to eat in Utah, they have a bluecheese burger unlike any one elses!

It was a fun weekend, i'm pretty excited to have another one like that soon. Hopefully.

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Anonymous said...

Dang girl! No wonder you haven't been hanging out with me. I wouldn't either if I had options like those.