Thursday, April 30, 2009

A full days work

This week is the first week in a long time that i've put in a full 40 hours at work, or by the end of hte week i will have. Yup, everyday 8-5. Working during the semester i struggled to find stuff to do everyday at work and even then i was only working 20 hours a week. Now it's summertime, there's less work to do in general and there's 4 of us here all day long... what the heck am i suppose to do for the next 4 months??

I'll figure out the next 4 months later, but today i passed my time by taking those quizzes on facebook. Let me tell you what i learned about myself from taking all these quizzes:

-I'm either suppose to live in the Midwest or in Dublin, Ireland. (Dublin, here i come.)
-Someone who's name starts with an N loves me...but my soulmates name starts with a G. (greg, george, gary?? any guesses??)
-My dream house is a house in the suburbs
-I'm suppose to marry someone outgoing and adventurous (i'm okay with that!)
-That outgoing and adventurous man should propose to me with a simple diamond ring.(I'm really okay with this)
-I'm going to have 6 kids (My house will be a zoo)
-I'm left brained
-My ideal job should be as a teacher (I've always wanted to be a Math Teacher)
-My parents should have named me Olivia (gross, i hate that name)
-My love life will be the envy of everyone who comes in contact with me (doubtful)
-My aura is yellow
-I should be driving a mini cooper (only if the guy from The Italian Job is driving in one next to me please!)
-I'm pretty cool, but at the same time i'm a nerd (aren't those contradictory?)
-I will someday name my daughter Emma.
-Of the Little Rascals, i'm most like Buckwheat.
-I'm the "goodie-two-shoes" barbie. (I never knew that barbie existed)
-I'm going to die by drowning in a pool of fake lemonade.

I learned so much about myself today that i never knew. I would say all in all, it was a pretty productive day, don't you think??


charlotte said...

That is totally awesome--I'm glad you've come to a greater self-awareness, my friend.

Captain Danger said...

Your soulmate's name starts with a C, Brooke! Come on!

Cherise Davies said...

that is so dang funny! That's alot of quizzes to take! haha