Monday, March 23, 2009

Idaho: part 1

There are no words to describe the weekend that i had. end of story.

Some friends of mine have a farm up in Weiser, Idaho and so a bunch of us decided to go visit for the weekend. We left Thursday afternoon a little after 4. Stopped only twice, once at the Idaho border......and in Burley, Idaho to get gas. We finally got there around 11:30ish that night. All in all the driving went pretty fast.

The next two days we did a lot of different stuff. We shot guns...twice. If i could remember the specifics of what we shot, i'd let you know but all i know is we shot some black powder guns, some .22 rifles and handguns, 20 and 12 gauge shotguns, as well as a bunch of other ones i don't remember what they were. It was awesome.
We fed cows every morning and night. This consisted of us all riding on a bunch of hay bales on the back of a tractor and pushing them off as we went through the herd of cows.

I got to feed a baby calf.
And catch a baby calf.
I held a chicken.
I rode a little pony.
and did a whole lot of other things....

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