Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I spy, with my little eye....

Soooo...at the MOA (BYU's Museum of Art, they have an exhibit on Walter Wick who is the author of the "I Spy" books and when i found out that it was coming I got really excited. Yesterday was the first day i had a chance to go see it. One of my classes got out early so i rallied up my study partner Bryce (Brooke:1 Kat:0---and the competition begins) to waste some time with me and go see it. It was pretty cool. I have to admit, it wasn't nearly as cool as i had pictured it my head but still pretty awesome. It was really cool to see how he made a lot of his photos and how he got his start into the I Spy business. This is one of my favorite pictures in all of his books. I think the dinosaur is really sweet looking.

Yesterday was not only exciting because i got to go see an I Spy exhibit but, Caitlin and I went hiking as well. sort of. It was beautiful out yesterday and so she called and said she wanted to go play outside and i said, lets do it! And so we drove up to Bridal Veil falls (because it was getting dark and we didn't want to do a full on hike) and just walked up that path for awhile. But who would have guessed that it would still be covered with almost a foot of snow?? Not us! On either side of the path, there was hardly any snow, but on the path...tons of it. So here we are in our t-shirts, treading lightly so as to stay on top of the snow...it didn't work so well though. By the end, our feet were soaked. It was fun though. Cait and I always encounter fun adventures like that. What fun would life be without them? I wish i would've had my camera, it was definitley a picture worthy event.

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