Monday, January 26, 2009


This weekend i got invited to go snowmobiling with a couple kids from the ward. Five of us had never been and then there was the kid that invited us and his dad. They had 5 snowmobiles. It was a lot of fun, rather scary at times. I think i hold the record for the number of times i either tipped over or got stuck but that's okay! The snow was really wet so it got really hard to turn sometimes. After playing around in a field for a bit and getting use to driving them, we headed up a trail. Going up was fun but the farther up the mountain we got the more and more it started to snow. So we finally headed back because there was so much snow. Going back was viscious. The visor on my helmet kept getting all fogged up on the inside and snow would build up on the outside, so i couldn't see, but if i opened up my visor i'd get pelted in the eyes with snow and that didn't feel so great either. So what i ended up doing was switching between the two and praying that i wouldn't go off the trail. As long as i could see the person in front of me i'd just follow them best i could. Despite the fact that i should've stayed home and did huge load of homework that i had to do, i don't regret going one bit. It was definitely worth it.

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