Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sled or DIE!!!!

Yesterday, some kids in my ward got together and went sledding at some random hill up Spanish Fork canyon. Despite the snow being like cement, it was actually pretty fun. The hill was pretty steep and like i mentioned before, the snow wasn't soft so crashing wasn't fun, yet it still happened a lot. in fact i never made it down once without crashing at the bottom. Multiple people suffered head injuries and bruising but no one had to go to the hospital so i would call it an all around good time. Here are some pictures that i stole off of facebook from some other people that were there. ( I brought my camera but left it in the car because i'm an extreme sledder and I knew the chance of me breaking my camera if i left it in my pocket was very VERY likely)

And then afterwards we went over to some guys house and they made us all pancakes and we hung out for a bit. Who could ask for a better saturday morning??

The plan originally was that one of the kids had a bunch of snowmobiles we were going to take and ride up Heber Canyon and go sledding up there but the snowmobile trailer was jacked so we couldn't do that. BUt next time it snows, we're all going to attempt the snowmobiling plan again. Which i'm definitely excited about because i've always wanted to ride a snowmobile. So much so that sometimes when i go snowboarding i think about faking an injury so that the EMT guys would have to come up and take me down on their cool red snowmobile. But i'm not that desperate.

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cait. said...

I totally should have taken advantage of a ride on the sled behind the snowmobile when I sprained my knee. Next time. Brooke it makes me happy you have all these friends but a little bit sad. I like having you all to myself.