Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Death Mattress, among other things

I don't know you remember a month back or so (or if you tried to block it out as I do) my blog post about the death sheets i always encounter when i go home to visit, well, i've found something worse than death sheets....a death mattress! So we have bunk beds in our room, great right? eh not so great. Not only are they hard to climb up on when i'm tired, but i sound like an elephant when i jump off the top bunk...but that can be saved for a different post. Point is, when I climb up onto my bed, i grab a hold of the far side of my mattress and pull myself up. Easy peazy right?? Well tonight when i went to pull myself up, something bit me. Oh wait, no something scratched me, Up my entire finger. (I had already cleaned up the blood by the time i thought ot take a picture, so this blog will continue to be rated G for no violence and gore.) Anyways, a spring on my mattress poked itself out and made a hole, right in the spot my hand goes to pull myself up. grand. I covered it with a pillow, so lets hope the stray spring doesn't strike again.
On another note, i'm a genius. I get tired of running when i get home from my day at school and work. Mostly because i have to dodge all the kids that are walking home and i feel like a goofball. And i like working out in the morning more anyways. But i find it hard to do so in my new place because it's hard to find all my stuff in the dark and get dressed and yadda yadda yadda, you get the point. So here is my fantastical solution. I wear my workout clothes to bed (because they are just as comfy to sleep in as pj's, and i stick everything else i need in my shoes so that in the morning all i have to do is hope out of bed (quietly), grab my shoes and go! You don't have to tell me twice, i know i'm a thinker.

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Beckie said...

Brooke you are freakin hilarious. I love your posts. And yes, you are a smart cookie. :)